History of DMGP


Establishment of DMGP


1984    First discussions about the establishment of a “German speaking” society of spinal cord injury following a proposal by Prof. Dr. FW. Meinecke. It was born out of the working group “Paraplegia”, the group behind the helpline to find available beds for acute SCI, which operated in Hamburg.


Members of the group preparing the foundation of the DMGP:


Prof. Dr. V. Paeslack (in charge)


PD. Dr. HJ. Gerner


Prof. Dr. W. Grüninger


Dr. FW Meinecke


Dr. B. Spahn



6.10.1985        Launch of the Society


President Prof. V. Paeslack


2. President Dr. FW Meinecke


1. Secretary Prof. Dr. W. Grüninger


2. Secretary Dr. H. Bilow


Treasurer Dr. G. Zäch



18.10.1987      Change of Bylaws


1997    Affiliated Society of ISCOS (Then IMSOP)


26.5.2006        Change of Bylaws and movement of place of business form Heidelberg to Berlin.


15.05.2009      Change of Bylaws


2011    Agreement of cooperation with DGOOC (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie) as a “Section”


22.06.2012      Change of Bylaws. Establishment of rules of operation


27.06.2015      Change of Bylaws.


2016    Establishing of a combined membership with ISCOS